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  • A national company that pays top cash prices for houses.
    Posted on 02.02.13

    We had our house on the market for over 6 months and couldn't get anyone serious enough to buy. QuickAndEasyHouseSales made us an offer the same day, and we had the cash in our bank in 7 days. A top service from a top company..

    Mr & Mrs D - Summerset

  • A safe and easy way to sell
    Posted on 01.07.13

    I don't know what I would have done without the help of Richard at QuickAndEasyHouseSales. I was behind 3 months on my mortgage, had no job and my life was going down the drain. Richard helped me get the sale I needed, and dealt with all my problems. He is some guy!

    Mr Z - Middlesbrough

  • A repossession stopped...
    Posted on 07.08.13

    QuickAndEasyHouseSales bought my house for cash, helped with my court hearings, and got me out of debt..

    Mr P - Scunthorpe

  • £23,200 more in cash!
    Posted on 30.08.13

    After shopping the internet thoroughly, I found QuickAndEasyHouseSales who offered me £23,200 more than the rest.

    Miss L - Liverpool

EasyHouseSales - The Quicker Way To Sell A House!

If you are trying to sell your home, and you are considering a quick cash offer, why not do it the easy way with EasyHouseSales.co.uk.

We specialise in buying all types of UK property whatever condition and location. We can buy any property - just name your price, and we will make you an offer for cash in as little as 7 days.

Make the Most of the Equity in your Home
If you won a large home and you’ve nearly or completely paid off your mortgage, you could be selling up and freeing the equity tied up in your property. But is it really worthwhile to find cash buyers for houses and move somewhere smaller? Read on to find out more about the benefits of selling up.

The Value of your Home
If you’ve worked hard to pay off your mortgage then why not reap the rewards of the fruits of your labour? It doesn’t matter what the value of your home is if you can’t get hold of the equity tied up in it, which is why if you have made a sizeable profit on a property you bought, the best way to get the most from the money you make is to sell up and downsize.

Who Can Downsize
Anyone can move to a smaller home but there are certain circumstances where downsizing is a particularly good idea. If you own a large home and your family has flown the nest, then the chances are your home is not being used as full as it once was. However, you still need to deal with the same maintenance, upkeep, energy bills and so on. This means that you’re paying out and sending time on a home that isn’t actually being used. Although it’s great to have a large dining room or spare room on the odd occasion you need it, isn’t it more sensible to live in a home that’s the right size for you and not pay for amenities and upkeep you don’t really need.

But it’s not just the cheaper cost of running smaller home that makes it appealing. It’s also easier to keep small homes clean and free from clutter. Whilst hoovering, dusting or cleaning windows can be a mammoth task in a bigger property, in small homes upkeep doesn’t need to take so long, so you can spend your free time enjoying yourself instead. Another thing to consider is a bridging loan? They may be able to help.

Selling for Cash
Selling a home and making a profit is a great way to get your hands on ready cash, but if you want a quick sale so you can start enjoying your equity as quickly as possible then avoid estate agents! Estate agent sales can take several months and involve a considerable amount of stress and hassle. What’s more, when you take on an estate agent sale you have to pay a number of fees and expenses, including giving a percentage of your profit to the estate agent themselves.

When you opt for a cash sale you simply contact the company, they make you an offer, you accept and they take care of everything else. So you don’t have to deal with solicitors, surveys and estate agents and you don’t have to wait months and months for a sale. In fact in many cases the process can be complete in just a week. So why not contact us today to find out more about selling your home for cash.

For a FREE and confidential no obligation chat, call to us on 0800 077 6449 OR 0117 345 9887